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Tektite has an empowering effect especially when teamed up with Moldavite, they seem to quicken the psychic awakening precipitated by its green cousin.

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Tektite gains its name from Greek origins that of ‘tectos’ meaning molten.  Originating from meteoric impacts, the abundance of Tektites are found within the region of China, but also located within Australia, North America, Africa and South East Asia.

These particular ones are sourced from China. Carrying the vibrations of extraterrestrial influence, one is able to interface with streams of knowledge and information from ET sources. It allows one to enter the band widths to intercept and make quarry with those from other galaxies. Acting like guides one is able to explore the far reaching’ s of the cosmos making contact and communing with those from far far away.  Allaying those that have issues with their physicality and their journey on this plane. It brings one into a closer connection to their home within the stars. This kinship brings less disassociation from one’s body catalyzing a much smoother linking into the energies of the Earth, one becomes more unified.

A great stone that helps to clear the lower chakras bringing one into present states while stimulating the opening into higher consciousness. The Tektite are tools that can be used to initiate rapid transfer of high frequency energies, catapulting an expansion in consciousness they are very much simulators of psychic and intuitive abilities. Facilitating heightened levels of physic sensitivity such as telepathy, clairvoyance, bouts of clairaudience, and the ability to see beyond the veil.

Proven to have an empowering effect especially when teamed up with Moldavite, they seem to quicken and amplify the psychic awakening precipitated by its green cousin. They can produce an intense effect on one’s energy field, helping to burn away any energetic debris, expanding the aura, it brings one to integrate higher frequency energy, a must have during this time of ascension.

The Tektite brings one in close contact with those from other worlds. A stone intent on supporting one with their spiritual growth, it abounds one with a vibration that allows an increase in awareness. Helping  one to move beyond the limitations of time and space, the Tektite is a crucial element in its support of the evolving soul.

Sourced – China

Weight – on average 40 grams

Dimensions Approximately – on average 4.5 cm  x  3.5 cm  x  1.5  cm

HEALTH – may help to reduce fevers – aides capillaries and circulation – prevents transmission of diseases – past history talisman for fertility on all levels

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – expands awareness – supports spiritual growth – clears and expands auric field – helps to integrate high frequency energy into the body – heightens psychic sensitivity – enhances telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience – commune with other beings and ET from other planets, universes within the cosmos – meditative tool – encourages seeing beyond the veil

References –

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