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October 31, 2021
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Chrysocolla Tumbles


Its hue brings one to sit with a space of tranquil emanations making these Chrysocolla Tumbles are great allay for those that are finding the constant change imminent in our world just now difficult to navigate.

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Its hue brings one to sit with a space of tranquil emanations making these Chrysocolla Tumbles are great allay for those that are finding the constant change imminent in our world just now difficult to navigate. It lends one a greater inner strength, helping to sustain an inner balance, encouraging self-awareness, one is met with a stone that pledges allegiance supporting one that may be struggling with stress. fear and or anxiety. Its water element lends a gentleness to soothe and bring peace yet empowers the soul with confidence to trust the self, bringing one into union with the innate wisdom that is found deep within.

All stones bring gifts and one of the many offered by these Chrysocolla Tumbles is its inspiration and action within the throat centre. Its ability to clear energetic blockages allowing for full self expression. So profound one begins to unite with their wisdom and is finally able to speak and reveal the very essence of their being. This powerful transformation is nothing other then allowing the escape of the sacred knowledge that is held within light matrix’s weaved within our light-bodies.

They bring a connection between the heart and throat centres activating an alignment that attunes one in the ability to communicate from a much deeper level, opening a channel that flows directly from higher consciousness one begins to share insights divinely inspired.

The Chrysocolla Tumbles brings one to unite with the vibrations that instill a path that is aligned with your personal ideals rather than that of egocentricity.  Encouraging one to pursue their journey in life in accordance with your truths and beliefs, regardless of judgement from others. One gains strength though their ability to live their truths which effectively powers one with an energy that stimulates greater life force and physical vitality.

A stone that brings greater governing in one’s choice of words, it brings one to the higher echelons of communicating, with realization that words are empowered vibrationaly and potentially effect our physical realities. Thus one is endowed with knowledge and the capacity to better create the world in which we dwell by entraining with a stone intent on supporting us on our journey. Namaste.

HEALTH – helps to release stress, anxiety and fear imbalances – may assist in regulating the thyroid and adrenal glands – excellent for sore throats, laryngitis and for support of the larynx in general – brings peace – great for those that speak for a living including singers, teachers etc – physiologically impacts on the pancreas, blood and circulation, brain, bones, muscles, throat, thyroid, digestive, reproductive and metabolic systems – powerful detoxifier – relaxant properties relieves cramps – ensures peaceful sleep – under pillow prevents nightmares – stimulates metabolism – assists eyes and throat – reduces infection, goiter and inflammations such as gout – combine with smoky quartz clears fungal infections – powerful energizer – transforms lethargy – pop in bath to infuse you whole being with peace and tranquility – alleviates guilt and brings in joy – arthritis – blood disorders – lung problems, gives greater breathing capacity –  re oxygenated the blood – regulates insulin – lowers blood pressure – ulcers – soothes burns

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – May raise vibration for the purpose of channeling and other types of communication within the higher spiritual realms – cleanses and activates all chakra centres – unites you with the divine – draws off negative energies

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