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Tourmaline Generator


When one is seeking a powerful ally to protect against negative vibes then one cannot go past this black Tourmaline Generator.

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When one is seeking a powerful ally to protect against negative vibes then one cannot go past this black Tourmaline Generator. Just under a kilo in weight, it presents one with an ideal shield that not only cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a much lighter vibration, but ensures one is guarded against psychic attack. It offers its guardian a tool that not only keeps one’s auric field clear and cleansed but their action as an etheric vacuum cleaner also ensures that one’s environment is purified against negativity and disharmony as well.

Tourmaline’s vibrations enables one to become free from destructive negative thoughts, emotions such as anxiety, fear and anger or issues related to poor self -worth. Its anchoring, grounding effect brings one to align with the Earths energies. This creates a firm foundation and will help to combat chronic stress, worry and or tension. It offers the gift of disengaging from obsessive or compulsive behavior or thoughts, promoting self confidence it helps to banish feelings of being a victim. Attracting inspiration and compassion it attunes one to seek deeper within to gain a better understanding of oneself.

A stone that is ideal to use in challenging times. Placed within the home, bedside or positioned at work it brings a transmutation of space, one that encourages a positive outlook no matter the circumstances. A Tourmaline Generator / tower that protects against electromagnetic smog and pollution, including WI-FI, mobile phones.

Weight – 941 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 15 cm  x  7.5 cm  x  6.1 cm

HEALTH – These black Tourmaline Generator may help to balance the right & left hemispheres of the brain – improves hand-to-eye co-ordination –  helps with dyslexia – powerful mental healer –   transmutes negative thought patterns into positive ones – treats paranoia & obsessive, compulsive behaviour – increases vitality – relieves stress, tension and anxiety – strengthens immune system – good for arthritis – purifies and cleanses heavy metals, toxins and wastes from body including environmental pollutants  – provides pain relief – realigns the spinal column – protects against debilitating disease

PROTECTION – against psychic attack – entities – any form of negativity – ill-wishing & spells – against mobile phones, computer, electromagnetic smog, radiation – negative thoughts – great to use during rituals – protects against bad vibes

SPIRITUAL – This Tourmaline Generator will help to support  grounding, enabling one to gain access to higher realms of light – elevates consciousness – clears and cleanses chakras and auric field – great for scrying – removes blockages – ensures good energetic flow through meridians

References –

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Weight 0.941 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7.5 × 6.1 cm
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Tourmaline, Tourmaline Black