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Obsidian Generator


Weighing in just over 1.2 kg this Obsidian Generator is the perfect ally if one is seeking a stone that has no boundaries or limitations.

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Weighing in at just over 1.2 kg this Obsidian Generator is the perfect ally if one is seeking a stone that has no boundaries or limitations. Its fast paced in its action that not only encourages one to grow but also offers its strengths and support whilst one is doing so.

Without a crystalline structure like most crystals Obsidian is actually molten lava that has cooled quite quickly. It has a reflective nature and quality. Not only due to its origins and appearance but it is quite virtuous when it comes to exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages. It is not shy in coming forth and bringing to light anything that is destructive or dis-empowering. For some it may be too much but if this one is calling you then your ready for the ride.

Spurring one to become aware, accept and integrate their shadow selves is one of the gifts that it offers. It brings one closer to discover the true self helping one to detach and release what no longer belongs. The Obsidian urges one to explore the unknown, opening  one to new horizons, it brings clarity, growth on all levels and with the release, it brings increased awareness and consciousness and qualities of compassion and strength.

But wow it doesn’t end there. It is quite a powerful ally helping to ground the spirit into the body incites one’s ability to manifest spiritual energy here on Earth. Most protective it repels negative energy. Helping to seal the auric field, it can remove energetic attachments, hooks and cords. It has the capacity to create a protective shield that helps one to remain centred when faced with negativity.

Weight – 1.248 Kg

Dimensions Approximately – 21 cm  x  6.1 cm  7.5 cm

HEALTH- This Obsidian Generator may improve energy and vitality – reduces stress and mental tension – brings clarity – calming – supports digestion on all levels – detoxes –  reduces pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries  – dissolves blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies including hardened arteries – makes a great elixir for shock – stanches bleeding – benefits circulation – warms the extremities’ – can be used to shrink an enlarged prostrate – clearance of reproductive problems based in past abuse or current self -abuse

PROTECTION – This Obsidian Generator helps to shield against psychic attack, ill wishing, negative spiritual influences and environmental pollution – repels any form of negativity – seals the auric field

SPIRITUAL – grounding – great scrying tool – gift of prophecy – releases one from old loves – gives insights to cause of disease – removes blockages from the meridian system – great for the  highly sensitive – it supports one in maintaining healthier integrity of their energy fields – spiritual communication – integration of shadow selves –

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Additional information
Weight 2.246 kg
Dimensions 21 × 6.1 × 7.3 cm
Crystal Type

Black Obsidian, Obsidian