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Tourmaline Pink Ring


The raw beauty of this Tourmaline Pink ring brings one into an alliance with the raw emotion of love.

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Entering into the sacred corridors within one’s own heart space, this Tourmaline pink ring allows you to dwell and take stock of the emotions and memories that are found embedded within the cellular memory lining its walls. It brings through an essence to help heal from past emotional wounds and abuse. Infusing the emotional body with its vibrations brings with it a purifying action to help cleanse and clear and bring awareness to past emotional patterns, that have now become outdated. It inspires one to take heed and move forward, entering into a more aligned state with one’s spiritual growth, we can now reach into a higher level, creating a shift in one’s approach to relationships and communication.

Most nourishing to the heart space, it brings a certain softness, almost embalming one with a vibration so soothing, one can enter into states of peace and calm. Diffusing stress and obsessive behaviour, its lithium content is most potent in its action of bringing one into this tranquilized state. Offering comfort and safety, its frequency allows one to gain a sense of wholeness, empowering the emotionally numb to reach out and regain a new lease for life.

Attracting love into both the material and spiritual worlds, it provides affirmation that it is safe to love. Creating a renewed sense of trusting in this primal emotion, one becomes aware that one must first love self, before one can love another.

Infusing with its loving energy one becomes a beacon projecting light and love in all directions helping to repel negativity that may be directed your way. Twofold, most beneficially it greatly influences those opposing energies, urging them to come from a place of both tolerance and consideration.

Helping to both heal and balance one’s emotions, this Tourmaline Pink ring brings much joy and happiness into one’s life. Allowing one to shift and surrender to love, one finds strength to embrace our learnings as gifts of experience.

Ring Size – 7 (Ring Size Chart)

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Source – Brazil

Weight – 8gm

HEALTH – this Tourmaline pink ring promotes peace and relaxation  – increases receptivity to healing energies – balances a dysfunctional endocrine system – treats lungs and skin – aphrodisiac – disperses emotional pain – releases stress, worry, depression & anxiety – helps those that are emotionally numb to recover their passion &  zest for life – calming stone – balances brain biochemistry, realigning the left and right hemispheres of the brain to promote a  balanced mental state – soothing it assists with angina, irregular heartbeat & recovery from a heart attack – detoxing – beneficial for skin, spinal adjustments – paranoia – dyslexia – hand and eye co-ordination – Diabetes – emphysema – pleurisy – pneumonia and bronchitis

PROTECTION – shields against any form of negativity, attachments or psychic attack due to its vibration warding off any potential negativity being directed your way

SPIRITUAL – repairs holes in auric field -balances the masculine and feminine energies – improves energy flow – helps to remove blockages – assimilation and translation of coded messages

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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