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Blue Lace Agate Ring


Want to make a statement, this stunning faceted Blue Lace Agate ring embedded in silver brings a greater coherence for one to speak their truth.

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When one steps into the resonance of this Blue Lace Agate ring, one becomes fluent entering into states of self-expression, gaining both clarity and coherence one’s communication style takes a turn for the better. Activating and clearing the throat channel allows one to speak what is on one’s mind. The inability to find the right words or the fear of communicating what needs to be said is no longer an issue. Enabling one to articulate on a whole new level brings back confidence for one to share both their wisdom and knowledge. No longer resisting the flow of one’s thoughts and feelings, these can now be expressed without fear of judgement from others.

So nurturing, this Blue Lace Agate ring offers the gift of allowing one to enter into a space of deep calm and peace. Enabling one to finally dissolve patterns of suppressing the natural flow of one’s feelings and thoughts, brings entry into a new way of self-expression.

It teaches one of the power behind the words that we speak. Helping to identify and bring to notice the negative dialogue that one may enter into. It brings one into states of operating and using a different communication style that is more in line with a positive, uplifting attitude. In this manner we become more aligned with a newer reality that we have created through this change of expression.

It allows one to make a connection with higher sources of guidance and the ability to bring this wisdom through. Used to dispel an over active mind holding it against one’s third eye will bring one peace, stilling one’s thoughts. Great for mental stress it is definitely a stone for those seeking assurance in entering into a different mode of living, one that offers coherence and confidence to dwell on this earthly plane.

Ring Size – 7  (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing of rings is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 19gm

Dimensions Approximately – 40mm  x  30mm  x  25mm

HEALTH – cooling & calming – gain confidence & clarity –  brings peace of mind – neutralizes anger, inflammation, fever & infection – counteracts mental stress – releases shoulder/neck problems – thyroid issues – alleviates throat & lymph infections – treats bone deformities & arthritic conditions – strengthens  skeletal  system & healing fractures – removes blockages in nervous system – aides capillaries & pancreas – enhances sound healing helps to focus and direct the sound to the appropriate place – can be used for sore throats, laryngitis or any other inflammations of the throat – balances thymus gland – calms hyperactivity

SPIRITUAL – this Blue Lace Agate ring activates & heals the throat chakra – opens one to higher energies – dissolves old patterns of repression – links with higher spiritual truths – facilitate communication with guides during meditation

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Hall, J 2003, The Crystal Bible, Goldsfield Press, China

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California


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Weight 0.019 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 3 cm
Crystal Type

Blue Lace Agate

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