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Copper Pendant


So stunning is this Copper pendant, its alliance will attract abundance, prosperity and good fortune to enter one’s space.

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Holding a strong current one can actually feel the entry of this Copper pendant, as its essence starts to meld and blend with one’s own vibration. Almost like an electrical buzz it can be felt igniting one’s energetic system. A certain warmth begins to spread moving from the centre of one’s core to the peripheral regions of the body. Once aligned one feels grounded through its action, bringing you to a centred state, this connection ensures a steady flow of energy entering through the root centre bringing through an unlimited supply of vibrancy, boosting both vitality and physical stamina.

Electrical in nature, the copper element creates an alliance with our own energetic meridian system, bringing both balance and stimulating a strong, steady flow of energy. It opens one up to the alchemy of merging with a mineral that offers the transference of spiritual energy. Its mystical action allows this transference of psychic flow to move in a back and forth motion between the psyhical and spiritual planes, transferring between other individuals, auras, minds, and or crystals.

In its true nature of conducting energy, this interplay enhances psychic abilities, allowing one to gain a deeper connection one becomes more adept as a channel, or entering into communication with higher dimensional beings.  It is a stimulus for one to move through a variety of vibrational frequencies penetrating both the physical and spiritual worlds, this Copper pendant brings with it a certain clarity through its action of amplifying one’s thoughts. Sharpening one’s intellect and mental capacities one gains enhanced coherence and mental agility.

Such a stunning piece, this Copper pendant brings an amazing raw beauty, that will attract good luck, abundance and prosperity to enter one’s sphere. Its energy flow will help to disperse blockages lending its medicinal and therapeutic affects to also bring good health to many conditions such as poor circulation and arthritic and joint issues.

Source – USA

Weight – 18gm

Dimensions Approximately – 32mm  x  42mm  x  3mm

HEALTH – improves circulation – strengthens both blood and blood vessels – increases vitality and physical stamina – enhances mental acuity – one gains clarity and increased mental function – helps soothe pain of arthritis & other inflammatory diseases – alleviates joint stiffness – increases energy – can be helpful for heart disease, cancer, anaemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis – helpful for skin conditions – may slow down greying and loss of hair

SPIRITUAL – grounding – enhances channelling – improves communication with higher dimensional beings – increases psychic abilities – amplifies thoughts


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Dimensions 4.2 × 3 × 3.2 cm
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