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Clear Quartz Pendant


Unique in its type, this Twin Laser Quartz pendant provides a powerful protection shield that guards both the auric field and physical body.

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Wow, this twin Laser Clear Quartz pendant is not only a stunning piece of crystal jewellery but also doubles as a crystal tool. The Twin Lasers are renown for their powerful use as an instrument in conducting healing work. It has the ability to focus, and intensify the acceleration of energy into a tight beam that passes through its point with such precision it acts much like a laser.

If used in the capacity of a healing tool it is most suitable for undertaking psychic surgery, having the ability to reach tiny structures deep within the body such as the pineal and pituitary gland, or preforming precision work on the physical and subtle bodies. Of course this piece is small in comparison to others on the market that are solely used for this practise. However one can stimulate the acupuncture points, detach entities, ties or attachments, and has the capacity to cut away negativity of all kinds.

A great crystal choice, this Clear Quartz pendant provides a powerful protection shield that guards both the auric field and physical body. Working at the mental, emotional level it helps to remove inappropriate attitudes, and outmoded thought patterns. A necessary requirement if one is seeking to evolve.

Acting in the capacity to remove energetic blockages, brings free flow of energy supporting one’s energetic health and thus provides one with preventative measures to gain physical wellbeing.  Particularly if we consider that Clear Quartz has been dubbed the ‘master healer’, in which case it has the ability to target areas in the body that require healing, so by simply wearing this gorgeous piece, one is being energetically overhauled.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 15gm

Dimensions Approximately – 72mm  x  28mm  x  15mm

HEALTH – master healer, targets areas requiring healing – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance – aides concentration & memory –  soothes burns – improves clarity on all levels – stimulates growth of hair and fingernails – stimulates nervous system – can help remove adhesions within connective tissue – regulates blood pressure, oxygenation of tissue, regeneration of cells – energetically strengthens metabolism, blood vessels, elasticity of joints & connective tissue – anti-flammatory, removes heat -removes toxins – balances the mind

PROTECTION – this Twin Laser Clear Quartz pendant protects and shields the body and auric field – protects against radiation

SPIRITUAL – this Clear Quartz cluster harmonizes, cleanses and clears all chakra centres & subtle bodies – enhances psychic abilities – spurs intuition- improves meditation – connects one with guides – opens one to interdimensional travel – enhances past life recall – expands consciousness – dissolves karmic seeds – expands your bio magnetic field – makes dreams more vivid – balances polarity – removes blockages – transmutes negativity – detoxes emotional field


This Made in Earth Twin Laser Clear Quartz pendant has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.



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Dimensions 2.8 × 1.5 × 7.2 cm
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Clear Quartz, Quartz

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