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Apophyllite Pendant


So Sassy yet bold, this gorgeous pink Apophyllite pendant has such a cheeky energy that aims to bring out one’s playfulness to its fullest.

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So absolutely gorgeous, this pink Apophyllite pendant has such a cheeky energy that will bring out one’s playfulness. Sassy yet bold, its resonance conspires with your energetic bodies to align one to an attunement that brings both a joyous carefree attitude, tending to eliminate any negativity that may be lingering within your space. It has an all over shimmer that is difficult to see within the images given, yet it is this shimmer that brings a light and radiance to merge with your own.

Apophyllite indeed is a gift from nature that instils a calming, peaceful state in those who entrain with their energy. In times of stress or in any form of discord one only needs to connect with these crystals to bring instant relief. This one in particular seems to have attracted the Devic realm by the throes and can be felt quite intensely as one is thrust into feeling a sense of animation.

Well known for their ability to open the doorway to connect with the spirits of nature including the plant, mineral and Devic kingdoms, it conspires to bring a closeness so that one’s resonance may mimic that of Gaia. Through this action. allows the wearer to gain a stronger hold by grounding with these energies, one not only gains strength, zest and vitality but it also contributes to lessening the impact of the daily stresses of life.

This pink Apophyllite pendant not only brings style and an attitude, its rarity to be found in this colour range endows a certain uniqueness in its quality. Its diversity displayed by the colour hue of pink brings further gentleness into its vibrational makeup, allowing it to make an appearance within the heart centre. It is here that it brings a softness of healing allowing one to love the self, one becomes open to the beauty that surrounds them.

This Apophyllite pendant is definitely one of my favourites, not only due to its beauty but how it attunes your vibration to hit those higher notes, allowing one to step into the now moment more often it supports the ever evolving soul on their journey into the world of enchantment.

Source – India

Weight – 26gm

Dimensions Approximately – 53mm  x  26mm  x  15mm

HEALTH – self healing from degenerative diseases – rediscover childlike joy – addresses tissue diseases – refuels one with life force energy – great stone for those recovering illness

SPIRITUAL – expanded awareness – connection with higher realms, Angelic realms & Devic – connection with plant, animal and mineral realms – most powerful of lifting the veil – clears blocked energy within crown centre – enhances meditation  – allows one to step into the now moment – stops ego interpretations of events – connection with interdimensional beings – allows one to become more sensitive to portals and dimensional doorways

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.






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Dimensions 5.3 × 1.5 × 2.6 cm
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Apophyllite Pink, Apophyllite

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