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Tibetan Turquoise Pendant


Need protection, this Tibetan Turquoise pendant will act like a shield, guarding you against detrimental electromagnetic fields.

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This Tibetan Turquoise pendant is a great piece for those seeking a spiritual ally to help one align their energies to a source that will support one’s growth, healing and overall wellbeing.

Great at lifting one’s spirits, the Tibetan Turquoise, is a stone with ancient beginnings. Used in times of old, it was often fashioned into amulets and chest plates for both its protective and strengthening qualities. In this day and age its protection against negative energy is a very necessary requirement as too providing one with a shield against the detrimental electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us 24/7.

It brings peace, abundance and a greater understanding and acceptance of who we truly are. Giving us glimpses of our shadow selves, are all a part of the healing process that allows one to journey into a state of wholeness. Aligning all the chakras, the physical to the spiritual, bringing balance and calm, one is allowed to reconfigure their state of being that resonates with a stone that is aimed at delivering one at the threshold of unity.

Surging with an energy that targets the throat centre, it allows its wearer to be cleansed and cleared of blockages found within this region. Bringing through a deeper knowingness one is attuned to allow self-expression to be expressed without holding back. In fact, its the greener qualities of Turquoise that hold a slight variation in their vibration that allows them to heal at a higher level when working on the throat chakra. They have the ability to actually heal down the ancestral line, eliminating this issue at its source. How blessed we are, to have access to such gifts from nature.  

Source – Tibet

Weight – 8gm

Dimensions Approximately – 33mm  x  30mm  x  5mm

HEALTH – this Tibetan Turquoise pendant instils calmness & peace – excellent for exhaustion, depression & panic attacks – supports immunity – regenerates tissue – supports assimilation of nutrients – alleviates viral infections – heals the whole body especially the eyes, including cataracts – reduces acidity great for the stomach, gout and arthritis – anti-inflammatory – detoxifying – alleviates cramps & pain – heals sore throats – balances mood & emotions – increases vitality – oxygenates blood – increases prana in the body – addresses stress & anxiety – helps purge toxic energies

PROTECTION – dispels negative energy – protects against electromagnetic smog

SPIRITUAL – this Tibetan Turquoise pendant spurs spiritual expansion – enhances intuition & meditation – explores past lives – balances & aligns all chakras – strengthens meridian flow – attunes the subtle bodies with the physical – spiritual attunement

This Tibetan Turquoise pendant has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

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