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Astrophyllite, let it bring through the awareness of one’s multidimensional self for discovery.

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Such a small piece, yet it powers one with instant downloads, this Astrophyllite stone is not for the meek, it brings with it a speed of intense connection. You can feel you body pulsate with a readiness to travel beyond the veil, gaining the ability to intercept other galaxies, planes and universes. It brings one focus and clarity and opens one up the magic of the unlimited potentials within the numerous realms of existence. We are but multidimensional beings experiencing multiple possibilities and with the merging of energies with the Astrophyllite stone one can come but realize that this is in fact true.

One becomes quite lucid and gains the ability to intercept life with a new willingness to uncover one’s true patterns of existence that are interwoven within the fabric of our design. This blueprint discovery may bring forth a whole host of signs, signals and random synchronicities helping to pave the way of what direction we need to take in order to bring re-alignment back into our lives. When one becomes depressed, bored or suffers addictions it may simply be human states of operation when one is not fulfilling their inner drive.

It brings activation to all chakra centres, filling us with the full spectrum of light one becomes aligned within their physical and energetic bodies promoting both physical and spiritual health. It shines a light on different aspects of self for both awareness and acceptance, bringing one closer to self – realization, Astrophyllite inspires dedication towards uncovering our deepest darkest thoughts and feelings for transmutation to further one’s spiritual growth and expansion, one can then reclaim their full power to re-enter into the game of life with renewed joy and anticipation.

Enhancing telepathy within the earthly planes it also awakens communications to be undertaken within the interdimensional and galactic planes. If one is wishing to seek knowledge pertaining to technical or scientific nature of past lives and civilisations found within times of old such as Atlantis or ancient Egypt, Astrophyllite is very accommodating and will assist those that seek this information. Offering protection against electromagnetic pollution and associated detrimental fields, warding of entities, it offers many gifts to support the human in its interface within the earthly planes.

Source – Russia

Weight – 17 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 4.8 cm  x  .8 cm  x  3 cm

HEALTH – helps to regulate nervous system – enhances brain function – fully supports detoxification on both the physical and energetic levels – beneficial for the large intestines, fatty deposits, epilepsy, reproductive and hormone systems – helps with PMS and menopausal disturbances

PROTECTION – energetically protects against all harmful radiations  &  electromagnetic smog

SPIRITUAL – increases consciousness – spurs out of body travel including astral, time & interdimensional travel – cleanses, charges & activates all chakra centres – communication with interdimensional beings –  enhances telepathy – self -discovery – self – acceptance – uncover one’s hidden pattern of purpose – infusion of all spectrums of light – spiritual growth

References –

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California

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Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 3 × .8 × 4.8 cm
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