Bloodstone Obelisk
Bloodstone Obelisk
December 20, 2021
Sardonyx Obelisk
Sardonyx Obelisk
December 26, 2021
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Bloodstone Obelisk


Its essence is felt as a powerful force and a knowingness that one is entraining with a stone that encourages purification on all levels.

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Holding the vibration that brings one courage and strength, the Bloodstone Obelisk provides one with many tools and supports heralding a simplistic attitude when it comes to meeting obstacles and challenges, particularly in times of adversity it seems to instill a firmer foundation issued by its grounding effects.

Its essence is felt as a powerful force and a knowingness that one is entraining with a stone that encourages purification on all levels. Inspiring its guardian to seek inner counsel and finding and taking action based on this wisdom found deep within one’s heart, brings one to align with the altruistic self .

One is not discouraged or bears resistance and takes heed with full knowledge of their desired path in life. It offers a window that allows one to see beyond the illusion of being forsaken from those that don’t quite understand one’s spiritual pursuits or ideals that is being very much scrutinized particularly at present. The isolation that one may  feel is met with self-sufficiency and a knowingness that it is but a misconception.

Heliotrope, better known as Bloodstone brings myth into matter as its sprinkling of red jasper signifying drops of blood found within its matrix has been hailed as a stone that had been adorned with the Christs blood at the time of his crucifixion. It has a long history of use particularly as amulets and talisman in times of old, bringing protection from all that does not bear light. It allows one to travel between worlds and dimensions offering a shielding effect one is greatly protected with the ability to ward off undesirable entities, renown to protect the soul, it brings protection from evil.

The Bloodstone Obelisk offers many gifts, bringing wholeness and balance to the subtle bodies it rids the auric field of negative influences. Clearing mental confusion it seems to instill one with well-being, spuring vitality and a zest for life. It is a great healing stone, supporting immunity, making it a great choice for those suffering from illness.

Helping those to find inner strength during times of change, it supports those to gain the ability to cope with  different circumstances, including when one is met with their own inner awakening.

The Bloodstone Obelisk is one powerful ally, one that brings the inner self to sit within a space of pure steadfastness to the consciousness that resides within one’s vessel. Namaste.

Weight – 77 gm

Dimensions Approximately – 9.7 cm  x  2 cm  x  2 cm

HEALTH – stimulates immune system – purifies the blood – heals wounds – strengthens the blood and the kidneys – purifying on every level – increases  vitality, endurance – fosters well-being – helps with all types of blood aliments – works at the source of blood within the bone marrow –  strengthens the blood – good for anemia – blood cleanser – supports circulation , regulates blood flow – supports and cleanses the liver and endocrine system – balances female hormones – good for menopause –  wards off pathogens – calms the mind – dispels confusion – supports chronic illness – refreshes the mind – use on the onset of acute infections – stimulates the flow of lymph and metabolic processes  – revitalizes and re-energizes  the body -detoxes liver, spleen, intestines, kidneys and bladder – reduces irritability –

PROTECTION – protects  you from evil – against negative influences – detrimental entities – offers protection against pathogens, bullies and threatening situations –

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – raising your vibrations it acts to purify you as a being – grounding – heals the ancestral line – cleanses the subtle bodies –  brings mindfulness – allows you to enter the now moment – connects you to Christ consciousness – brings spirituality into everyday life

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Bloodstone, Heliotrope