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Calcite Mangano Tumbles


Healing to all kinds of abuse, assault and or trauma, these Calcite Mangano tumbles brings remedial care to the nervous system.

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So gorgeous in their pastel pinks, these Calcite Mangano tumbles are a must have for those seeking a soothing, gentle stone, aligned with the heart, it allows one a closer connection within the angelic realms. A crystal that helps to release fear and grief trapping one in the past, one is encouraged to let go, opening one to unconditional love.

Healing to all kinds of abuse, assault and or trauma, it brings remedial care to the nervous system. Helping to lift tension and anxiety its a great stone for those that feel vulnerable or lost, bringing self-acceptance, enhancing self-worth, it inspires one to honour themselves.

The stone that is most nurturing to both babies, children and their mothers and carers. Helping the mother and child to bond, its resonance offers many benefits and must be considered particularly for the enhancement of health for both a premature child and its mother. Can be used to avoid separation anxiety, when bubs or child is being cared for by someone else or is at day care.  It makes a great choice for those children that suffer nightmares or become scared of ghosts and or of imaginary friends.

Calcite Mangano tumbles are  aligned with a vibration that not only brings healing to those with post-natal depression but also assists when there is an estrangement with either mother and or father and or grandparent and adult child. Helping to break down the resistance healing can take place.

HEALTH – absorbs pain – lifts tension and anxiety – heals abuse – helps mother and child bond particularly after a traumatic birth – a stone of forgiveness – releases fear and grief – heals nervous conditions – prevents nightmares – dissolves resistance – helpful for those suffered trauma and assault

SPIRITUAL – a great Reiki stone, transmits universal life energy targeting areas most in need – connection to angelic realms

Weight – 19 to 24gm each

Dimensions Approximately – on average 3cm  x  1.5cm

References –

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Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 cm
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Calcite Mangano, Calcite