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August 29, 2018
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Hematite Pendant


This Hematite pendant brings with it a strong sense of self, infusing one with the vibrations of power and strength, one becomes grounded to the forces of nature.

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It’s as if one slips into a state of power and strength when entraining with this Hematite pendant. Resembling solidified bubbles of black lava set in a bed of silver, this Hematite pendant is most useful in grounding one within the planes of Mother Earth. Rooting and establishing a firm foundation, one becomes solidly planted within both body and its physical surrounds. Addressing issues of being scattered, feeling spacy or non- coherent, it brings relief, surrendering to a more focused mental state, a sense of clarity starts to set in.

A certain kind of boldness and surety becomes apparent as one enters this state of centredness. Hematite brings one closer to Gaia, allowing one to both attune and align their energies with such a powerful force, this melding creates an symbiotic connection with a living source of vibrancy. Powering one with stamina and vitality, its targeting of the root centre brings greats skills of survivability, one may overcome problems with simple effective solutions all inspired through its action within this primal chakra location.

This Hematite pendant brings one balance, removing and preventing entry of negativity, it offers one the gift of protection. Most effective at harmonizing the mind, body and soul, we see alignment of all chakra centres bringing through a harmonious state of being.

A stone that inspires a stronger sense of will power, one becomes more confident and is allowed to enter a space where self-limitations are finally dissolved. Boosting self-esteem, one becomes privy to old ways of thinking that have kept one’s life restricted. It brings courage and fortitude opening one’s perceptions to a newer way of journeying on this plane.

Bringing wholeness and unity we see the amalgamation of both the feminine and masculine energies uniting, bringing a harmonious blend of both the ying and yang energies. We also see the unification of both the spirit world merging with the physical. The entry of these higher frequencies allows one to bring through manifestation of one’s dreams and desires, a tool that aligns one’s creation to allow their appearance within the physical planes of existence.

This Hematite pendant is a great addition to anyone’s collection of spiritual tools and jewels, not only does it bring beauty, it brings with it a vibration of harmonic balance.

Source – Gippsland, Australia

Weight – 10gm

Dimensions Approximately – 30mm  x  23mm  x  10mm

HEALTH – restores, strengthens and regulates blood supply – aids in any circulatory problems such as Reynaud’s Disease – great for anaemia – aides in absorption of iron – helps with formation of red blood cells –  supports the kidneys in cleansing blood – regenerates tissues – treats leg cramps, anxiety & insomnia – draw heat from body – aids spinal alignment and fractures – aides concentration & mental focus, memory – helps to overcome addictions & compulsions – treats overeating, smoking or any overindulgence – helps support recovery from any ailment of the blood or blood production – strengthens liver

PROTECTION – shields and prevents negative energy entering the auric field – protects the soul during out of body travels grounding it back into the body –

SPIRITUAL – balances and clears auric field – aligns chakra centres – grounding – brings union of the spiritual world into the physical – brings highest frequencies to manifest within the physical – unites male and female energies –

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included

References –

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