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August 11, 2018
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Copper Ring


Supporting the body’s own healing capacities, this Copper ring brings with it a nourishing energy.

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Coherent within the realms of nature, this Copper ring unites one with the earthly forces. Entry of its vibrations generates a current within the subtle bodies bringing with it an all over pulsation that can be felt throughout the physical body. One feels as if they have stepped into a greater sense of grounding bringing through states of centeredness and clarity. It is an element that helps generate physical stamina and energy. Great for those lacking a strong lifeforce, copper acts to lend one the boost of vitality.

Bringing through an electrical current so strong it soon floods the meridian system, it is this entrainment with its vibrations that catalyses numerous benefits for one to behold. Not only does it supply a balancing effect on both the physical and emotional bodies, it brings about an essence that favours the release of resentment or anger. Opening one to increases of self-esteem, one’s self-expression comes back to life, with the acceptance of one’s true emotions.

Its vibrancy offers one the gift of hooking into the realms of spirit. Allowing one to encounter enhanced aspects of senses long forgotten. Its this energy flow that it stimulates that gains the ability for copper to move and exchange quite a large range of varying energetic frequencies that allows the spiritual realms to coalesce and enter into the physical. One soon becomes aligned with these energies allowing communication with higher dimensional beings, and supporting acts of channelling if one wishes.

Nurturing, this Copper ring brings in a nourishing energy that supports the body’s own healing capacities. An element that is the third most abundant in the body, brings with it a generous amount of medicinal and therapeutic properties. Promoting good health, it brings calmness and balance in one’s life.

Not only does this Copper ring have the potential to sharpen one’s own intuitive senses, it is a mineral that has been associated with bringing in abundance and good luck. So, if one is seeking a solid elixir that not only supplies endless amounts of energy and brings you within the vibrations of both good health, positivity and good luck, let this Copper ring be your talisman.

Ring Size – 7    (Ring Size Chart)

Ring resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source –  USA

Weight – 11gm

Dimensions Approximately – 25mm  x  30mm  x  25mm

HEALTH – improves circulation – strengthens both blood and blood vessels – increases vitality and physical stamina – enhances mental acuity – one gains clarity and increased mental function – helps soothe pain of arthritis & other inflammatory diseases – alleviates joint stiffness – increases energy – can be helpful for heart disease, cancer, anaemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis – helpful for skin conditions – may slow down greying and loss of hair

SPIRITUAL – grounding – enhances channelling – improves communication with higher dimensional beings – increases psychic abilities – amplifies thoughts


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