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Kyanite Pendant


Holding a vibration so high, one becomes lucid as one enters into a connection with the frequencies of this blue Kyanite Pendant.

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Holding an essence of pure consciousness, this blue Kyanite pendant brings one closer to the domains of surreal. Acting as a bridge it links one to the spiritual realms bringing with it a great sense of lucidity. This connection enhances the ability for one to download and receive information from higher sources. Supporting mental function and capabilities, it spurs this input from the higher mind bringing through logical yet linear thinking.

Attuning one’s meridians, chakra centres and thus energetic bodies, creates an alignment, supportive of entering into deeper levels of consciousness. Addressing energetic blockages, Kyanite seems to obliterate concepts of fear, stress,  confusion, anger, and frustration. Diffusing any illusions. one may have, it is quite candid in its capacity to transmit one into a state where a shift of perception takes place.

Opening the psychic channels one becomes more adept with their metaphysical abilities, that arise when one starts to entrain with a much higher frequency offered by this Kyanite pendant. Intuition is very much enhanced, proving to be a true ally in one’s travels on this earthly plane.

All blue gemstones seem to target the throat chakra. This blue Kyanite pendant is no different, its ability to target and clear the throat centre encourages communication at a much higher degree. In fact any level of communication is enhanced. Whether one needs to negotiate a deal or be placed within situations that require diplomacy and discretion, one becomes most adept at stepping into a realm that allows one to verbally express their thoughts and feelings with such a magnitude, that it is both shared and received with better outcomes. Enhanced by the connection made with the innate wisdom that one holds, brings through both truth and authenticity, allowing self -expression to manifest.

Such a gorgeous deep blue, this faceted 9 carat Kyanite, is found nestled within a bed of polished silver. So exquisite, it truly is a beautiful gift for one who desires entry into a realm where one may be offered the benefits of protection, conscious expansion and communion with guides.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 3gm

Dimensions Approximately – 25mm  x  13mm  x  8mm

HEALTH – Kyanite can help bridge the energy gaps caused by bone breakage, surgery & other intrusive traumas, assisting the nerves & tissues to re-establish pathways through & around the trauma site – ability to heal brain related to traumas, including both seizures & strokes – by creating new neural pathways around damaged areas – helps one to make the transition through death – treats muscular disorders, fevers, the urogenital system, thyroid, para-thyroid, adrenal glands, & throat – pain reliever – lowers blood pressure – heals infections – releases excess weight – supports the cerebellum & the motor responses of the body

PROTECTION – protects auric field from intrusion – helps to clear auric field – provides a protective shield during healing sessions and whilst spiritual practises are undertaken as a safety measure

SPIRITUAL – opens psychic channels – enhances intuition & telepathy – spurs lucid dreaming & downloads from higher sources – links all physical, casual & astral bodies for high potential to gain full consciousness whilst awake, dreaming – encourages spiritual growth by removing negative habits & mental beliefs – spurs acceptance of self as a whole – opens third eye – connects to spirit guides – shifts perception – attunement & alignment of energetic bodies – assists ascension by drawing the light-body into the physical realms

This Made in Earth pendant have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

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Kyanite, Kyanite blue