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November 20, 2017
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Sikhote Alin Meteorite Ring
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Pinolith Skull


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So mesmerising are the patterns decorating this Pinolith Skull. It will allow one to enter deep into its inner consciousness to become one with the wisdom that it holds.

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I truly fell in love with this Pinolith skull from day one. Such a serene fellow he exudes the most softest, warmest, calmest energy than any other stone I have come across. One cannot be other then in a state of peace in his presence. It certainly doesn’t take long to enter such a state once you entrain with his glorious vibration, soon to cocoon you within a space of total relax.

Considered to be quite a rare stone it is only found within the location of Austria. Visually appealing the black and white design that renders it ‘unique’ is still quite exclusive to each piece. It has the tendency to be quite mesmerising, drawing your being to enter the patterning. Its quite easy to get lost within the varied design allowing one to connect with the consciousness of the skull. 

It is primarily composed of 3 elements of nature – dolomite, graphite and magnesite. Helping one to absorb more magnesium, this mineral content plays a role in not only inducing the state of calm but also supporting disorders related to the teeth, bones and muscles.

Additionally the Pinolith skull assists in removing negativity within its surrounding environment. This also enhances its action of inducing states of stillness and peace by ensuring the space that you dwell in does not entertain energy of a low vibration. Another attribute includes its capability of improving meditation. Specifically if placed on the third eye it may stimulate visions and improve intuition.

Balancing and aligning all chakra centres it assists in clearing blockages and stagnancies of energetic flow. Bringing one into a state of balance of the mind, body and spirit, one becomes more integrated within the harmonious flow of life.

Origin  –  Austria

Weight – 102gm

Dimensions –  50mm  x  35mm  x  35mm

HEALTH – great for stress, worry and anxiety – induces states of calmness and peace – mineral content supports teeth, bones and muscle aches – addresses insomnia

PROTECTION – removes negativity within its environment

SPIRITUAL – if placed on third eye incites visions & enhance intuition – improves meditation


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Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm
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