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Rhodonite Ring


As an emotional balancer this Rhodonite Ring brings the gift of transmuting past wounds and scars replacing them with love and forgiveness.

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With its gorgeous pink hue this Rhodonite Ring brings many gifts and as always the pink shades tend to target the heart chakra and with this it will help to clear, stimulate and activate this centre.

It is the perfect stone for those wishing to clear away the emotional wounds and scars from the past, including abuse, betrayal or abandonment whether encountered within this life time or others it brings transmutation of painful emotions and replaces them with love and forgiveness.  It is a stone that helps one to embody more self-love and the ability to move forward from the scars of the past.

Soothing to the nervous system it calms and supports the mind, body and soul in challenging situations. The quintessential emotional balancer Rhodonite presents one with an ally that can be used for shock, panic or emotional trauma.

Helping you to reach your highest potential, it builds confidence and opens the heart to unconditional love.

Ring Size – 7.5

Click on this link to check your ring size if unsure – (Ring Size Chart)

Weight – 9 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 3.2 cm  x  2 cm

HEALTH – excellent wound healer – relieves insect bites – can reduce scarring – it beneficially affects bone growth and the hearing organs – fine tuning auditory vibrations – stimulates fertility – treats emphysema, inflammation of the joints and arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers and MS – emotional balancer – a great first aid remedy for nay form of shock, panic or trauma – helps one to reach their highest potential – addresses anger and resentment – builds confidence – helpful for those that have suffered from abuse, co-dependency, betrayal, abandonment, or self-harming

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – targets the heart centre clearing, activating and stimulating this chakra – balances ying and yang – calming to the mind, body and soul

This Stones and Silver design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Hall, J 2003, The Crystal Bible, Goldsfield Press, China

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California



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