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Shattuckite Ring


Activating the third eye, this Shattuckite ring acts to open the psychic channels, bringing with it enhancement of many spiritual gifts.

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Opening all your senses both the somatic and subtle, this Shattuckite ring seems to draw back the curtains or better said the veil, allowing entry into a space beyond the illusion of this reality. Coalescing within the realms of source brings one into great states of vibrational pleasure, the increasing awareness brings many insights and connections with higher sources of guidance.

Activating the third eye, it acts to open the psychic channels. Bringing with it enhancement of many spiritual gifts. Not only does it allow one to heighten their intuition, making a greater connection with one’s own innate wisdom, it has the capacity to open one’s psychic ears, allowing inner guides, teachers and spirits to communicate stimulating one’s clairaudient faculty.

Most useful it may stimulate automatic writing, telepathy and the ability to channel. A stone that facilitates better interpretations when one is receiving information from the spiritual realms, this Shattuckite ring allows the information to be delivered without the perceptions or filters of the reader that may mask the truth of what is being transmitted. It allows its guardian to be most proficient in communicating what they are acutally seeing when given images to decipher, most often in symbolic form these visions can be quite cryptic creating issues in supplying correct clarification.

It is in this capacity, to be as a source of spiritual wisdom that the Shattuckite stone has its main focus. Most effective it is a great tool for those seeking to enter mediumship or those already walking this path, allowing one to both perceive and translate accurate transmissions without misconception.

Its action on the throat centre initiates a clearance enabling one to come from a place of truth. Not only does it enhance one’s articulation skills, it allows one to find just the right words, and the ability to convey meaning with their truth. Great for public speakers, teachers or anyone that finds themselves fulfilling a role within a communicative sector, most supportive it helps to align those with a willingness to come from a place of true authenticity.

The Shattuckite stone enables one to stimulate changes so that one’s external reality becomes matched with the internal wisdom that has become more aligned with spirit. Bringing about states of increased awareness, this crystal encourages growth supporting the evolving being.

Ring Size – 8.5 (Ring Size Chart

Source – Nambia

Weight – 16gm

Dimensions Approximately – 32mm  x  34mm  x  26mm

HEALTH – Shattuckite is a great stone for all minor ailments – brings body back into balance – treats tonsillitis – increases blood clotting abilities – clears blockages from intracellular structures – helps to balance the spleen, bile and acid in the body – a very much soothing stone to those that are judgemental, reactive, aggressive or irresponsible

PROTECTION – protects channel ensuring entity does not take over physical body, reaching high vibrations ensures purest source is contacted

SPIRITUAL – This Shattuckite ring enhances channelling and intuition – allows one to receive spiritual wisdom with clear understanding – psychic vision – spurs telepathy and automatic writing – can facilitate clear communication with extraterrestrials – increases clairaudient skills – connection with higher realms – great tool for those using oracles, uniting both mind with intuition greater understanding received – recognition of misalignment allows one to bring about changes to bring balance into ones reality

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Hall, J., The Crystal Bible’ Goldsfield Press, London

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California.




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