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May 6, 2018
Tibetan Turquoise Ring
Tibetan Turquoise Ring
May 9, 2018
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Tibetan Turquoise Pendant


Such a powerful vibration, let this Tibetan Turquoise pendant be your sacred amulet in navigating your journey.

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Attuning to this Tibetan Turquoise pendant happens almost immediately. With such a strong vibration it brings one into coherence with a more aligned state. Channelling its energy, it brings strength to the meridians, aligning the chakra centres, it then unites the subtle bodies with the physical. In total we see the activation of a spiritual attunement, bringing one into a closer state of harmony.

Throughout history these stones have been cherished and adorned by many different civilization’s. Dating back more than 5000BC, they were used in many different applications, used as amulets, tools, jewellery, masks, powdered medicine or as a mark of distinction for chiefs and shamans. Their notability has not dwindled, they still present as a most scared stone, particularly with the Tibetan people. Known to them as the ‘sky stone’ it allows bridging of the physical with the spiritual, most effective in spurring one’s spiritual expansion.

Soon to bring one to a soothing state you can feel the warmness descend from the subtle bodies down into the physical, embalming one in a state of calmness and peace. This inner quality is most effective at helping those that suffer stress, depression, anxiety and or panic attacks. Helping to modulate both moods and emotions one can step into a more vital state with an increased zest and energy for life. Healing of the energetic bodies it restores one’s sense of balance, bringing one’s awareness to the heart space, one can now come from a place of truth.

Bringing balance to the throat centre, one may now communicate on a different level, full soul expression is enabled. Allowing one to bring forth their innate wisdom, one may enter a space that allows inhibitions to take a second seat. Counteracting fears of speaking before others or unable to articulate one’s knowledge, Turquoise helps to clear those energetic blocks allowing the information to flow freely and effortlessly.

This Tibetan Turquoise pendant can teach one self-acceptance. When one accepts all aspects of oneself, both the light and the dark, and integrates them into their multi-dimensional body, the resistance that is released brings one into a state wholeness. This transition allows one to step out of the illusion and enter a whole new whole of sublime.

Source – Tibet

Weight – 16gm

Dimensions Approximately – 18mm  x  5mm  x  14mm

HEALTH – instils calmness & peace – excellent for exhaustion, depression & panic attacks – supports immunity – regenerates tissue – supports assimilation of nutrients – alleviates viral infections – heals the whole body especially the eyes, including cataracts – reduces acidity great for the stomach, gout and arthritis – anti-inflammatory – detoxifying – alleviates cramps & pain – heals sore throats – balances mood & emotions – increases vitality – oxygenates blood – increases prana in the body – addresses stress & anxiety – helps purge toxic energies

PROTECTION – dispels negative energy – protects against electromagnetic smog

SPIRITUAL – this Tibetan Turquoise pendant spurs spiritual expansion – enhances intuition & meditation – explores past lives – balances & aligns all chakras – strengthens meridian flow – attunes the subtle bodies with the physical – spiritual attunement

This Made in Earth design have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

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