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May 7, 2018
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Tibetan Turquoise Ring


Flooding your body with an inherent buzz, let this Tibetan Turquoise ring be your entry into a place of calm.


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Such a soft yet buzzy vibration, this Tibetan Turquoise ring will bring one into a place to allow discovery of shadow selves that have been well hidden. Its gentle nature lets one become aware and encompass these aspects of self to be fully integrated into one’s being. No longer resisted, as long-lost puzzle pieces they make their way and become a part of the whole, fitting perfectly, each piece brings one closer to wholeness.

Most effective at harmonizing the throat centre, the Tibetan Turquoise in particular is adept at clearing blockages within this area. Improving the flow of energy it empowers one to bring forth their truths, enabling one to communicate from their heart space, one may now fully express what is deep within them without holding back. The emergence of the soul and its allowance of expression brings the gift of creation and the releasing of inhibitions and old beliefs. Furthermore, it’s this type of Turquoise, the Tibetan, that has the capacity to clear the source of this dysfunction within the ancestral line.

Purifying the body it helps one to purge negative beliefs and toxic energy. Providing protection it too wards off negativity, and has a long history of being used as an amulet. Most useful it shields against environmental pollutants and electromagnetic smog that is most detrimental to our health.

Attuning one to the spiritual, it opens the door towards expanding one’s consciousness and is most useful if placed on the third eye this Tibetan Turquoise ring will enhance both intuition and meditation practices. It is a stone with many attributes and most effectively it can instil a state of calm and peace. Helpful for those that suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, it brings one into a place of serene qualities. Balancing the moods and the emotions of its wearer creates a state of wellbeing which is enhanced by its fortification of vitality, addressing issues with exhaustion and lack of drive.

So, if one is seeking a stone to bring one into a state of wholeness, let this Tibetan Turquoise ring be your ally on the path towards freedom.

Ring Size – 8  (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us on to make arrangements.

Source – Tibet

Weight – 7gm

Dimensions Approximately – 23mm  x  25mm  x  23mm

HEALTH – instils calmness & peace – excellent for exhaustion, depression & panic attacks – supports immunity – regenerates tissue – supports assimilation of nutrients – alleviates viral infections – heals the whole body especially the eyes, including cataracts – reduces acidity great for the stomach, gout and arthritis – anti-inflammatory – detoxifying – alleviates cramps & pain – heals sore throats – balances mood & emotions – increases vitality – oxygenates blood – increases prana in the body

PROTECTION – dispels negative energy – protects against electromagnetic smog

SPIRITUAL – spiritual expansion – enhances intuition & meditation – explores past lives – balances & aligns all chakras – strengthens meridian flow – attunes the subtle bodies with the physical – spiritual attunement

This Made in Earth ring have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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