Celestite Cluster
Celestite Cluster
December 18, 2021
Bloodstone Obelisk
Bloodstone Obelisk
December 20, 2021
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Celestite Cluster


Within this Celestite Cluster lies dormant, a teacher who is inspired to bring awareness of the whole, to its student.

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Its almost like you have pressed the reset button, resonating with this Celestite Cluster brings a swift return back into a state of equilibrium. Everything slows down, your breathing, your sense of urgency, one becomes bathed within its electrons allowing one to enter a serene sense of calm. Its super clarity superimposes your etheric body bringing coherence and balance, one soon settles into a perpetual essence of the now. One enters the still point with no regard for anything other than enjoying and living that present moment to the fullest, engrossed with the beauty of this stone.

It opens doorways for one to enter, if one would like to coalesce within the angelic realms or simply journey beyond the body. Its a great stone to place in any area of your home or office, whether it be your bedroom, lounge room, meditation room, or even a healing room. It creates a harmonic resonance that can transform any space into one that exudes a state of pure harmonious tones that allows one to feel at peace and calm yet heightening to the consciousness one is unified by its essence and its ability to bring through a frequency that will nourish one’s journey toward enlightenment.

This Celestite Cluster is for one who seeks a closer connection with the divine energies. Spurring one’s spiritual senses it can enhance clairvoyance and dream recall. Activating the third eye one becomes privy to what lies beyond the veil. Healing to the aura, it brings good fortune and allows one to shift into a whole another awareness. One that inspires the seeker to look inside, because that is where all the magic is.

Source – Madagascar

Weight – 341  grams

Dimensions Approximately – 8.5 cm  x  5.5 cm  x  5 cm

HEALTH – dissolves pain – treats disorders of the eye & ears – eliminates toxins – relaxes muscle tension – calms mental torment – brings coherence to chaotic cellular disorder – sulfate content helps to clear infections – activate metabolism – calms & sharpens the mind – brings one peace – calming – reduces stress & worry

SPIRITUAL – opening and clearing the third eye & crown centres  – cleanses auric field – out of body experiences – scrying tool – clairvoyance – dream recall – connection with higher guidance – increases consciousness – opens one to the angelic realms – stimulation of spiritual growth

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Weight 0.341 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 5 cm
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