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So powerful, these Obsidian chunks are a great option for those seeking a highly protective stone.

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These Obsidian natural chunks deliver an energy that not only helps to ground and bring one a closer connection with the Earth’s energies to help support and anchor one’s being into this physical existence, but also hails as a great protector. Not only from entity attachments, hooks, cords, but also from ill wishing and any form of negativity that may be headed your way. It provides an effective shield of one’s auric field eliminating potential wayward vibrations causing havoc within our subtle bodies, highly sensitive, it supports one in maintaining healthier integrity of their energy fields.

One that works with speed and efficiency, it provides one with an ally that imparts support for both our growth and healing. With its shiny reflective surface it has the ability to bring notice to untruths, flaws, weaknesses, blockages, anything that may be hidden that is contributing to the disempowerment of one’s development forward. It is the action of allowing the shadow selves to be brought to the light and accepted that allows one to unite with the true self.  Some may feel a little overwhelmed whilst working with this stone, however if one is drawn to its energies then one is most surely ready for the ride.

Its grounding effect not only brings vitality and energy but also helps to eliminate stress and tension. Bringing one more clarity by addressing mental stress, it helps to break through and dissolve long term mental conditioning which is most beneficial to those that suffer constricting beliefs.  By bringing both notice and clearance of these past patterns and programs that may be associated with addictions or negativity, the Obsidian brings expansion of consciousness, a gift that allows one to enter the realms of the unknown with both courage and a greater sense of ease for the evolving soul.

Weight approximately – 202gm upwards

Dimensions Approximately – 7.5cm x  4.5cm  x  3cm  upwards

HEALTH- improves energy and vitality – reduces stress and mental tension – brings clarity – calming – supports digestion on al levels – detoxes –  reduces pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries  -dissolves blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies including hardened arteries – makes a great elixir for shock – stanches bleeding – benefits circulation – warms the extremities’ – can be used to shrink an enlarged prostrate – clearance of reproductive problems based in past abuse or current self -abuse

PROTECTION – shields against physic attack, ill wishing, environmental pollution – repels any form of negativity – seals the auric field

SPIRITUAL – grounding – great scrying tool – gift of prophecy – releases one from old loves – fives insights to cause of disease – removes blockages from the meridian system – prophecy – scrying tool – great for the  highly sensitive, it supports one in maintaining healthier integrity of their energy fields

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Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 3 cm
Crystal Type

Black Obsidian, Obsidian