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Calcite Heart


Calming to the mind is a great gift that all Calcite’s provide, however the blue hued Calcite’s offer an extra capacity to be most soothing to the nervous system helping to alleviate anxieties.

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I fell in love with this Blue Calcite Heart on first sight. Pure perfection in every way, it made itself known instantly. Weighting in at 1.3 kg  it is quite large but feels great to hold, allowing you to really connect and resonate with its presence.  Not only is it the perfect size to be held but also big enough to create the perfect space.

What makes it so special is its powerful attribute of clearing negativity, being a cleanser of energy and a powerful amplifier, not only does it clear one’s environment of stagnant energy or negativity it also does a re-hall on one’s auric body. Lets face it, this is a much needed process to help maintain equilibrium within our subtle energetic fields and by doing so this clearance of dense matter will make one feel much more lighter and as a positive consequence will also assist in one becoming more energetic on all levels.

Calcite is a prime crystal that helps to speed up one’s spiritual development. Linked to higher consciousness it expands one’s awareness and can heighten psychic abilities. It brings growth to the soul, allowing one to be more excepting of the higher frequencies, one becomes privy to a whole new whole world of insights. Its action on the third eye spurs enhancement not only of one’s intuition but also the gift of inner vision.

Calming to the mind is a great gift that all Calcite’s provide, however the blue hued Calcite’s offer an extra amplitude to be most soothing to the nervous system helping to alleviate anxieties. Its colour variant tends to target the throat centre and also provides an impetus for one to heal blockages in this region lending to one to heal the inability to communicate effectively. Allowing for full self expression it brings one to speak their truth, particularity suitable for those that tend to keep their thoughts to themselves and not speak up, this stone and its hue brings a greater capacity to trust in oneself and in what they have to share.

It imbues positive emanations that inspires one with not only motivation but a new perspective on one who may have lost hope. It conquers laziness and brings strength for those suffering from setbacks. Alleviating emotional stress this Blue Calcite Heart may bring serenity and stability and a greater awareness that allows for one’s growth.

Weight – 1.301 kg

Dimensions Approximately – 14 cm  x  13 cm  x  5 cm

HEALTH –  helps with detoxification – cleanses the organs of elimination – encourages calcium uptake – dissolves calcification – strengthening to the skeleton and joints – alleviates intestinal and skin conditions – stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing – fortifies the immune system – can encourages growth in small children – cure all – master healer – alleviates emotional stress – great for recuperation & relaxation – lowers blood pressure – dissolves pain on all levels – soothing to the nerves – may alleviate anxieties – releases negative emotions – encourages clear communications –

SPIRITUAL – This Calcite Heart may help to  cleanse and activate all chakra centres – aligns one with higher consciousness – speeds spiritual growth and development – initiates psychic abilities – out of body experiences and channeling – opens and cleanses the inner and outer eyes – cleanser of energy – heightens  awareness –

References –

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Weight 1.301 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 13 cm
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Blue Calcite, Calcite