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Mookaite Tumbles


Displaying natures palette of wondrous hues and colours the Mookaite tumbles brings an essence that supplies one with a bountiful of gifts.

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Displaying natures palette of wondrous hues and colours the Mookaite tumbles brings an essence that supplies one with a bountiful of gifts. Stable and protective they help to ground all areas of life. Known as a type of Jasper and sharing the same qualities it, means that the Mookaite tumbles promotes a fast-acting response relative to their  transformative healing attributes.

They do not muck about and supply a great source of energy that not only supports those during prolonged illness, or traumatic events, they help to prevent burn-out, reduce stress and initiates ending to that which no longer serves you, nurturing you throughout the whole process.

Stimulating a quick transformation, they bring courage for one to face the imminent problems at hand, fortifying a calm centre one becomes adept at quick thinking and the ability to wait out any storm.  Gaining insights to multiple possibilities to address the situation at hand, the Mookaite enables one to choose the appropriate action required for resolution, even if it means one needs to accept things as they are.

For me attuning to their vibrations they bring a mystical quality far from their grounding effect one may open the doorway that allows them to contact other souls from other realms. Facilitating  Shamanic journeys providing protection, the Mookaite is most active in its ability for dream recall. As always a stone may divert from their general attributes and offer their guardian what is most appropriate at the time unique to them. The crystal kingdom’s objective is to bring healing to the Earth and its inhabitants and that is why we will attract the crystal that we need at that appropriate time. Namaste.

HEALTH – allows one to enter a calm centre – acts as a companion for those that feel lonely or for the bereaved – physically stabilizing – red hues fortify the immune system – yellows hues calm it – helps those to face up to ageing helping one to appreciate the wisdom gained rather than the drawbacks – supports during times of stress – brings courage to face problems – encourages honesty with the self – offers determination – quick thinking – promotes organisational abilities adn see projects through – stimulates imagination – transforms ideas into action

PROTECTION – offers protection from EMF emissions and detrimental frequencies – offers protection during shamanic journeys

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – aligns the chakras with the ehteric body – transformative – contact with other souls from other realms – facilitates shamanic journeying – dream recall – dowsing – grounding – balances yin and yang

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