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Smoky Quartz Skull


Skulls hold a consciousness that brings one to unite with higher levels of guidance making this  Smoky Quartz Skull a great ally for those seeking to evolve and grow.

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Holding a vibration that brings one to ground and anchor their roots within the very essence of the Earth this Smoky Quartz Skull attunes one to unite with the forces that bring firmer foundations and strength that it belies. Bringing both fortitude, stamina and vitality, it is a perfect antidote to stress helping one during difficult times it allows one to meet challenges with equanimity and more composure.

Skulls hold a consciousness that brings one to unite with higher levels of guidance. This Smoky quartz Skull is no different. Opening one to align with the higher levels of light, it truly is an ally bringing one to attune with a frequency that not only neutralizes and transmutes negative vibrations but also is most active in absorbing electromagnetic smog meaning its a great crystal to have around to protect you from EMF emissions such as with WI-Fi, computers, mobile phones etc.

A stone that acts to eliminate, purify and detoxify on all levels it brings awareness to anything that no longer serves you and supports you in the process of letting go.

Great for mediation it helps to clear the mind and facilitate movement between alpha and beta states. Its grounding effect allows one to enter into higher levels of consciousness without the related side effects of burn out which is an added bonus. Bringing manifestation of spiritual insights into this reality from the ethereal planes is another gift offered as one connects and aligns their energies with this Smoky Quartz Skull.

Great in its approach of cleansing one’s auric field, its actions are similar to the use of  white sage. Dynamically restoring and revitalizing one’s field and energetic bodies its not surprising in its ability to shift bad moods reinstating a positive outlook, Smoky Quartz most definitely needs to be considered if one is seeking to change one’s reality that is more aligned with your life path now.

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HEALTH – This naturally irradiated quality of Smoky Quartz also deems this crystal a great choice for those wanting to counter the negative effects of radiation, including sunburn, air travel, exposure to radioactive materials, medial radiation therapy including x’rays and chemotherapy and exposure to focused electromagnetic fields- alleviates stress and tension – lifts depression – promotes calmness – addresses fear, nightmares and headaches – neutralizes fear of failure – effective for ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs – relieves pain including headaches – benefits the reproductive system, muscle and nerve tissue and the heart – dissolves cramps, strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves – this stones aids assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body

PROTECTION – transmutes negative energy – protects against EMF emissions, electromagnetic pollution including WI-FI. mobile phone frequencies, computers and electronics – radio waves

SPIRITUAL – grounding and centering – helps one to receive and utilize more high frequency energy – assists one in aligning the physical body with an expanded range of light frequencies – supports manifestation of dreams and inspirations – the ability to change one’s reality

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Quartz, Smoky Quartz